Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VT Racing

I got to race up at Virginia Tech this weekend. It was my first collegiate race so i didnt know what to expect. Turns out its pretty much like any other race, but there are no old people there. The morning race was a 1.5 mile uphill TT followed by a downhill TT on the same course. After i got registered i tried to focus on warming up, but the lack of food in my stomach made this hard. I rolled the TT pretty hard, i had to get of and walk my bike in the steeper and technical stuff because i lack skills. Turn out i got 6th in the C's. After chillin at the top of the mountain for a while it was my turn to go downhill. I got amped up and drilled it downhill and then flipped over my handlebars. I have no skills. Rolled 12th place in the downhill. So we have like 5 hours until the short track race. Ate some food and rested. Got in a solid hour warmup. Felt pretty good. Lined up in the front and drilled it from the beginning. The course was mostly grass and pretty flat except for one steep little hill. It also had some logs to jump and a downhill with a ditch at the bottom. As we entered the circuit i was still in first and just kept going keeping it steady. I got passed at one point by a teammate but he faded and so i kept it on and no body passed me, so i won. I was pretty stoked. After a good night sleep we had the XC race in the morning. I raced the B category since i won the day before. From the gun we had a stretch of double track before the trail started. I was sitting in 2nd into the trail and was passed by 2 guys. Kept going and figured i was in 4th, pretty solid, got passed by two more on some technical rock garden stuff, so 6th place. Then i flatted on one of the creek crossings, lame. So i had to hike back to the start because i didnt have a tube. And then i drove home to Boone. Word

Friday, September 4, 2009

My View

The view from my townhouse is baller. Boone is pretty awesome. I have a .5 mile climb at about 13% back up to my house, but it all pays off because i wake up in the morning and see this view. This weekend is the MTB races at Virginia Tech. Because ive never have a MTB license i have to race the C category. Race reports to follow. Song of the week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dldtY9ZbqYs